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Mit.Pitt.R.W Branding

Branding Design, Logo Design, Car Wrap Design,

Social Media Motion Graphics, Swags Design

Independent Project

Published work

Joint Team Logo Short w_ BG.jpg


Project Abstract

This is a branding system design project for the MIT.Pitt.R.W joint team.


In this project, I designed the team’s branding material for the upcoming Indy Autonomous Challenge including a joint team logo set, motion graphics for social media posts, car wrap design, and prints for the team jersey; led the weekly design updates meeting; communicated with major sponsors & business operations team members from all four schools (MIT, UPitt, RIT, UWaterloo) to ensure that the design outcome aligns with their vision.


Design Inspiration

Joint Team Logo Full B.png
Joint Team Logo Short B.png

Using acronyms from all four represented schools, this cyberpunk logo design takes a glimpse into the future where emerging technologies like driverless cars help enhance human society. Extracting salient features from the speed racing signs and tire track, these tightly interlocked graphics represent MIT.Pitt.R.W joint team’s solidarity, forward-thinking, and grittiness.


Print Design & Tech Pack

MIT Driverless Pit Crew Polo Team Jersey Tech Pack_Men's.png
MIT Driverless Pit Crew Polo Team Jersey Tech Pack_Women's.png
MIT Driverless Pit Crew Polo Team Jersey Tech Pack_Men's Notes.png
MIT Driverless Pit Crew Polo Team Jersey Tech Pack_Men's Notes copy.png

I created this tech pack with detailed measurements and original artwork to make sure that our vendor produced our jersey exactly as designed.

Social Media

Motion Graphics

Logo Full.gif
Count Down 3.gif

I also made these motion graphics for the MIT Driverless Instagram posts.

Car Wrap

Livery Design & Sponsor Logo Placement

Mock-up Submission-03.png
Mock-up Submission-04.png
Mock-up Submission-02.png

Because the team's funding is heavily dependent on sponsorship, our livery needs to make sure the prominent visibility of our sponsors' company logos. I communicated with the marketing representatives of our sponsors to make sure that they're satisfied with the logo placement, and that the design fits with their branding guidelines.

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