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Lacework UX Design Internship (Preview)*

Web App | SaaS | Enterprise
Data Visualization, Information Architecture, Upselling, Prototyping, Design System, UX Writing

*This page is only for preview. Please access the full version for details.*


Lacework is a data-driven Cloud Security company (SaaS). Over the course of 12 weeks, I was given the opportunity to work with other designers, product managers, software engineers, customer success managers, product marketing managers, and legal. I worked on 4 different projects for the Lacework Web App, among which I led the end-to-end development cycle of the Login Page and shipped it to the product. I also delivered a brand new design for the License Page to the product roadmap after conducting intensive competitive analysis and user research.

License Page Revamp
Launch (1).png

My final design deliverable. Now LIVE on the Lacework product.

Login Page Reskin


The new Login Page I designed was the first-ever UX-enabled Login screen in Lacework's 8-year history. As a part of a design system update across the Lacework platform, the new page endeavors to provide a smooth login experience for all existing and prospective users, connect net-new users with the latest resources, and establish a better branding presence. My design is now LIVE on the Lacework product.

Problem Statement

The existing Lacework login page has limited user journey flow documentation as well as inconsistent and outdated visual components. The UX writing can be confusing for new users and there are also minimum design features that promote ease of use. 

Old Sign-in Page.png

Old version

Launch (1).png

The new version that I shipped

Login Page Reskin
Rendered 0.png

License Page Revamp


My internship capstone was the ‘License Page Revamp’. The Lacework License page contains users' resource usage and subscription information. This revamp effort aims to help users achieve a self-service state without needing assistance from an internal person in Lacework.

Problem Statement*

After conducting intensive research, we discovered that the License Page has discoverability and usability issues. The customer success team had to repetitively devote extra efforts to compensate for the missing functions of this page.


*Check out the full version for research finding details*

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