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Rally RD.
User Activation*

Mobile App & Marketing Website | Consumer
User Journey Flow & Interface Improvement,

Content Strategy, Qualitative Research

Product Management

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Project Overview

*This group project is an MBA coursework I did at NYU Stern School of Business in partnership with Rally RD.*

Rally is an alternative asset investment marketplace where users trade equity shares of rare collectibles released by the platform. Over the course of 3 months, I, along with 3 teammates, worked closely with the product managers at Rally to solve the user activation problem when the company was seeking further growth/expansion.

User Activation

Problem Statement*

Based on an internal report, a majority of users who created an account at Rally have yet to make any investments on the platform.


*Check out the full version for the specific research data*

Methodology (Group)

After investigating the Rally product, our team designed a user interview strategy based on our preliminary hypothesis. Among the 600+ Rally users to whom we sent the screener, 8 were selected by us for in-depth user interviews to understand user pain points across different Rally user types. We then synthesized our findings into the user journey and highlighted the friction points that could potentially clog the user conversion funnel. Finally, we generated hi-fi mock-ups to demonstrate our idea, along with a feature rollout map.

Research Insight (Group)

Based on our research, the key to activating users on Rally is "Trust", as in proving that Rally is a trustworthy source of generating substantial financial returns for users.

Due to the novelty of Rally's business concept and skewed online reviews, some users who haven't converted are skeptical about Rally's legitimacy and are hesitant to be financially engaged on the Rally app.​​


*Check out the full version for more research evidence*

Screen Shot 2022-09-08 at 12.40.50 AM.png

The current Rally App screens. (as of May 2022)

Social Proof

My strategy

Educating the public about Rally's concept is costly and takes time.

Based on Rally's limitations, a lower-lift, more agile approach to drive users fully down the conversion funnel will be leveraging the existing Rally App and marketing website.

As such, for my solution, I referenced a well-proven rule in consumer psychology called "Social Proof", coined by psychologist Dr. Robert Cialdini in 1984, to devise features that could reinforce a sense of external validation among both existing and prospective Rally users.​

My solution*

Rally App

  • Home Screen Feature Addition

    • "Trending" Feature​

    • News Center Carousel​

  • Exit News Screen UI Improvemnet​​

Rally Marketing Website Design

  • User testimonials​

  • Case study​

  • Press release


*Check out the full version for visuals and detailed strategies*

Final Deliverables*

  • 4 full new page designs (hi-fi mockup)

  • 1 original social proof user journey map
  • 1 product rollout map

  • 1 final presentation deck interaction & infographic design


*I only listed deliverables solely made by me. Check out the full version for deliverables.*

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