Questions About The Mdes Mediums Domain


Hi Allen, 


This is Yilan, a friend of Lucy Yip, who went to Rhode Island School of Design as well. I had long been interested in your program based on my own research and am intrigued by stories Lucy shared with me about her fascinating journey at the GSD. Currently, I am working on a 2022 book publication as a collaborating illustrator at MIT Media Lab, responsible for envisioning a techno-emotional, multi-sensory space dining experience with my artworks. Endeavored to address social issues with design methodologies in the future, I have explored various interdisciplinary approaches in the past, experimenting with how to bridge the gap between the majority and the marginalized in our society with different mediums. 


Although I have already submitted my application in January, the sudden and brief announcement of the Mdes restructure didn’t capture the full scope of the new arrangement for me. I hope to know about your plans for the Mediums domain in the coming academic year, and would appreciate it if you could provide me with some details. I didn’t want to disturb you during the winter break, so I decided to reach out just now. Would it be possible for us to schedule a zoom meeting this week or next week? Thank you very much in advance, and looking forward to hearing back from you!




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